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10.07.2012 , 10:34 PM | #53
For those who complain about commando.. Do you play any other classes?

If you're dominating on those instead but struggle at commando.... Well, maybe you have a point, or maybe you're just better suited for a different style of play.

If you don't dominate, what's your frame of reference for saying commando is weak?

I would say I'm at least in the top 10% of sentinels on my server. That's me being reasonable humble. I really, really don't agree commando as a class is crippled / weak or whatever. I don't get to win many 1v3s, which I've done regularly on my sentinel in regular wz (against poorly geared guys obviously)... But in terms of damage, kills, objectives, impact on the game.... I think my commando is doing fine.
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