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From what I can see then...

Story mode operations are all now (in theory at least) a similar level of difficulty and reward similar gear.
So puggers or alts can go do EV, KP for columi gear then EC or even TFB on story mode and get Rakata gear.

Then for your progression raider... you do EV SM --> KP SM --> EV + KP HM and/or EC / TFB SM --> EC HM --> TFB HM --> EC NMM --> TFB NMM.


If EV and KP have more bosses, less trash and can be cleared quicker on HM than a SM operation... why would anyone in their right mind go and do EC or TFB more than once or twice on story mode ? All I see for EC and to a lessor extent TFB is stick, with no sight of the carrot.

Then... Black Hole comms are now worthless to raiders. Raiders capable of doing EC HM don't need BH comms, because they're getting Campaign gear which is better itemised for secondary stats and doesn't require the cost of extracting the mods to put them into Columi / Rakata shells. Sure, they can get campaign gear AND BH comms to tweak their secondary stats around for a short while, but that period is very limited when you are already getting campaign gear.

So for raiders who perhaps aren't quite ready for EC HM yet or who are struggling progressing on those fights... the only obvious choice is to head BACKWARDS into flashpoints for gear upgrades. *sigh*.

btw, the next call from players is going to be to nerf EC HM to make it more accessible for the lower tier of progression guilds. On the basis that the uber guilds are already working their way through TFB HM and the step up from EC SM to EC HM is too great for everyone else. You know, just a heads up, so you can think about it ahead of time, rather just reacting blindly.

My take on this that it will do nothing to slow down the gearing speed of "high level" progression guilds, and removes the opportunity for "lower level" progression guilds to over-gear fights they are struggling with. So... lose-lose, with only frustration on the horizon.

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