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10.07.2012 , 07:32 PM | #1
Hey there everyone. Due to recent events, I find myself in need of a new saber. And for that saber, I wish to utilize a white crystal. Alas, I was not around during the sale, and don't know whether they'll even be released with the cartel shop. As such, I came here.

I am now wanting to buy a white lightsaber crystal. If you have one for sale, then please contact me. Particularly with a price. I may not have the money immediately, but I do have a decent sum saved up, and would be more than willing to save even more for one of those. I don't care about the stats on it. If it's 41 power, I'd be willing to pay more for it, but if it's anything else, I still want it for RP purposes.

If you fit the bill, please contact me. I'm primarily on pub-side, but I do have Imp characters that I check on occassion, but not as frequently. A mail would be ideal, as I might not be on whenever you are.

Contact information
Republic: Ophelía (The alt code for the i in my name is alt+0237 or alt+161)
Imperial: Apoli (No special characters)

Thank you for your time.