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So what I think BW should do is make it so that tracer missile/grav round can be casted while moving. That will fix the issue of mercs/commandos being nothing more than turrets in wZs.
Also another thing is mercs/commandos need an ability like "Hold The Line" which will make the merc immune to all movement impairing effects for 8 secs AND give them a 30% speed boost. Those two changes right there will solve the problems dps mercs are having in WZs.
Your correct on the issues of playing a commando/mercenary in PvP. The fact is that THEY LACK MOBILITY when melee engages them. Heres my old thread you might enjoy, its recommendation to solve this problem. I hope Bioware/EA can resolve this issue with a bit of originiality and bring the class to life by granting Mercenarys the jetpack disengage ability. Giving them Hold the Line would be a major disappointment to me honestly, and would be very cheezy for other classes trying to lock the commando/merc down. Casting Tracer while moving would be meh...
As of now they do not feel like Jango Fett whatsoever, and they need to bring in some style to the gameplay rather than giving them a mindless buff like Hold the Line. Troopers could sprint 40% faster as you said, while running backward and shooting the enemy in the process. The bounty hunter version would work similar. If your interested i recommend you read this post. Its a possible solution to the same problem you discuss here: