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Extremely bad and inappropriate example. First of all OSS was formed during the wartime for a sole purpose to support the war and had a very short life. It did not have any real infrastructure. A lot of intelligence came from other organizations and various resistance movements. In many cases all it did was steal the credit for the information. And most importantly OSS did not have any role in internal security. Its dissolution had no affect because after the war it became redundant. As I stated before, a proper example for Imperial Intelligence would be NKVD or SS. While a modern example would be CIA and FBI in one.
In comparing Imperial Intelligence to the CIA and FBI is just dumb. Imperial Intelligence can be compared more to the KGB of the former Soviet Union (which used to be known as the NKVD) which has become the FSB and RVS. Also the OSS eventually became what we know as the NSA (National Security Agency) which with the exception of some civilians is an entirely Military Organization. As to the disbanding of Imperial Intelligence whos to say that it isnt remade as a compeletely different Organization or split into multiple organizations its happened before (the remaking of the NKVD into the KGB, thenbeing split into the FSB and RVS).
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