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When you single-handedly steal the enemy turret from not one, but TWO people as a Deception Assassin when the other team owns two of them in Alderaan and the score is tied.

You then proceed to hold it by yourself like a boss, calling out for help while killing approaching pubs over and over. Oh, and those two guards? Killed em LIKE A BAWS.

Unfortunately, no one comes to help defend, even after 1-2 minutes of calling as your teammates are being "DERP, let's get mid! Derp!". Eventually, four Pubs swarm you, but you continue being LIKE A BAWS, and hold them off for 30 seconds or so until you finally die.... Then they cap the turret and we lose.

A tragically true story that just happened to me today. I've never done so many facepalms in my entire life
I was rooting for you all the way up until the end!