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Hello everyyone, I was thinking yesterday and somthing occered to me. If the empire could take corasont again, the war would be over. Without a doubt, this would be the most epic flashpoint ever made. It could start with all 16 players in a space battle above corasont with the empire attacking and the republic npcs on defense. After 200 kills, the players would land on corasont. the objective would be to get from the destroyed landing site (mabie the ruins of the jedi temple) to the senate tower and back. there would be traps along the way, including turrents and mabie a minefeild. One boss could be satle shan, and another could be an army of troops you have to face on turrents, much like the colicord war game. After you make it to the senate tower, youd fight your way in and decide wether to kill the concil or use them as hostages for your escape plan. Satel would apprehend you on your way out, and attempt to capure you with waves of troops and turrents assisting her.
An operatoin version would work alot like the one were your after the anchent ship, were you would fight your way to the surface through a space battle, (reaching it when the first enperial lasted a certain amount of time) then through the senate tower. when you reach your objective of the senate towers power core, youd win by interacting it and having at least half your players mak it to there ships, represented by a door or airlock, where they would fight a space battle till the rest of said half made it.