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1) Not being able to organize the seach for items by per unit cost, instead of final cost.

I post all my crafting mats in stacks of 99. I sell cheaper than those who post in stacks of 1, yet players looking to buy will grab the stacks of 1 instead of my stacks of 99 since those are listed first.

2) Selling finished products for less than the cost of the mats to craft them.

I have over 800 purple crafting recipes for Sytweaving alone, and tons more, with all the other professions (I only bothered to count one of them) yet i don't bother to post what I can make on the GTN becuase players don't buy purple leveling gear unless it is less than the cost of mats.

3) When you post something on the GTN when the servers go down, you don't know what sold.

When you get your credits in the mail, you have a message saying "the item you posted on the GTN sold for the price you were selling it for." For those of use that sell finished products, and not just mats we don't know what sold. When an item sells, I craft another one and repost it for 5k more than what it sold for last time. Then if it doesn't sell I lower the price again. When an item sells, and I don't know what it was, how am I supposed to craft a new one to repost?

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[COLOR="LightBlue"]1. People putting a Korrealis Commander or other non-attainable mount for way too much on the GTN. i want that speeder yes, so do alot of people. but you want it gone and someone wants it. negotiate a price plz.
What do you consider "way too much?" Paying those players is the only way to obtain those items. 2 million credits to buy it from the vender is "way too much" for some people. I see people selling it 6 months after they became unattainable for 5 million credits. That is not much of a mark up when you consider how easy it was to get them at 2 million vs how hard it is to get them now the venders don't sell them anymore.

Just think what the prices will be like in 1-7 years from now.
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