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I have been a strong advocate for getting a interupt ability and now that we have one here is something you all need to add to your rotation in a one on one battle.

Melee classes: Rocket Punch > Jet Boost > Power Surge > Fusion Missle > Disabling Shot > Unload

Now if your faced against a jumper your Rocket Punch should of cooled down by this time so

Rocket Punch > Get to a safe distance > Disabling shot > Electro Dart > Death from above.

Switch out Power shot with Missile Blast and use it with Rapid fire and only use Tracer missile when not targeted.

Arsenal Mercs are viable in combat and I have been having lots of fun in this game with the new added interupt ability.

Forgot to mention we also have Electro Dart to use at any given time just try not to be so trigger happy when using your defensive abilities.
You do realize the interrupt does nothing unless there's something to interrupt right? Or is disabling shot something different than the new interrupt that I'm just not aware what the mirror is?

On topic, yes DPS Commando/Merc is awful for PVP. No, the devs don't care and aren't going to change it for the better anytime soon.
In update 2.9 the game will simply uninstall itself for you.