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Kyle Katarn is one of the best duelists out there, but Mace Windu is on another level. He's one of the few Jedi that can go toe-to-toe with many of the NJO. He's a true Lightsaber master.

This is how the duel goes down. The two meet on an even plain- Dantooine. They give a gesture of respect towards each other and activate their Lightsabers. Windu makes the first move, landing a two-handed strike that connects with Katarn's raised Lightsaber. Kyle pushes off and attempts to slash Windu's upper chest. Mace Windu steps back and Force Push's Kyle ten meters back. Katarn gets up in order to quickly deflect another attack by Mace Windu.

(This is where it gets interesting.)
Seeing that Windu won't back down, Kyle begins to rely on some Dark Side abilities. Feeling the Dark Side in Katarn, Windu takes advantage of his Vaapad form and, with a combination of shatterpoint, beats down the venerable master and 'dis-arms' him.

Windu wins because of Vaapad and the fact that Kyle uses the Dark Side in certain situations. That's one of the reasons he beat Sidious.
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