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One thing that might be nice to add to the LFG tool behind the scenes, Is a minimum armor rating that the FP/OP is designed for. I'm not talking about gearscore like in WoW, what I'm talking about is the armor rating that SWTOR already has built into the game. Have the LFG tool automatically average a persons gear and only let them queue up for the FP/OP's they are geared for. That way they can add all of the FP, OP's and difficulty ratings all to the same tool. They just need to focus on their formula for what gear is designed to run which FP and OP to progress properly.

Moddable gear = rating 120 - 124 (Fresh 50 with daily mods 22)
Tionese = rating 126
Columi = rating 136
Rakata = rating 140
Black Hole/Campaign = rating 146
Dread Guard/Hazmat = rating 150

Yes, I know it would be dumbing down the tool but in essence it is making the tool more smarter to organize groups more efficiently. Also make it in order to proceed to the next difficulty you have to complete the previous ones on the more difficulty setting.
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