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At the end game there are really only 2 things to do. Do the operations/flashpoints over and over or PvP. OK if they like the PvE gear grind and are willing to pay real money for that then I guess maybe they'll join and stick around. But what about this games reputation of being a terrible unbalanced PvP mess? The word on the net is that this game is certainly not good in the PvP arena, so do you think it being free is enough to get people to put up with it? I don't think it is. I think F2P is a band-aid on a severed limb. What do you think?
If BW can pull out a system for matching WZs and make that work i think the reputation will swing and the game will get more players. If not, then the few PvP F2P'ers that will join will probably check up what fraction is dominating each servers PvP and just join that side. Hopefully that will even out the situation with more newbies on the dominating fraction and letting the other side catch up.

The hard part for the new guys will be to find out what fraction is dominating the lvl50 bracket since BW is deleting quite alot of threads containing information about fractions that PUGstomping each server.