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I clearly stated that I wasn't for sure and that I haven't played the class. I showed the video to some really good Operative healers and they said it looked fishy. Flame all you want, but there are very few op/scoundrel healers that I can't bring down eventually. This dude was just absurd. I roll my tank with an Op healer in our guild and we have kited 5 people for several minutes easily, but no way he can just instant heal over and over. I have fought against what many people consider to be the best Op/scoundrel heals on sever and not once have i seen that. Think what you like I don't care. I reported him and if BW thinks there is something wrong they will do something. If this is common for Op/scoundrel then they would always get top heals in every Warzone since they would never die according to how he was playing.
It was how he played and how he built his Sawbones. And if you can can kill a healer alone then you must be hacking.

Also watching the video you can see when he gets in trouble he goes to one side away from door to get heals from Sage.