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Considering that this cave is HIGHLY mirrored to the one in the movie, has anyone tried to RECREATE this scene as best as possible? Have your raid's Jugg/ Guardian go into the cave ALONE and ACTIVATE their lightsaber? (Default to draw weapon is Z). At the simplest level something to this effect should be recreated, at the most complex level maybe they need to have a Green saber (Or Blue, I forget what color his saber ws at this point in the movie), equip Imperial/ Republic Fighter Social Armor (the set obtained from doing Space Missions). Just my 2 cents.

ALSO, the RED and BLUE features and plants in the cave seem WAY too coinincidental to be in there set COMPLETELY away from each other. (Red obviously symbolizing the Empire and Blue for the Republic). Maybe either Empire Raid groups need to stand on the Red side and draw their weapons facing Blue or stand on Blue and draw their weapons. Visa versa for Republic raids.
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