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I guess that tactic doesn't really work in this game though, as everyone you meet goes "oh hey, master jedi, I'm honored, now help me with this thing over here". Everyone recognizes you, even on backwater planets like Tatooine!
That was an opportunity missed, IMO. Sure, most people should recognize you as a Jedi, since you sort of walk around with your lightsaber out and all. But there should have been more missions where you could "hide your lightsaber" and pose as common folk.

There are missions for other classes like the Smuggler where he "improvises" by posing as the enemy ("By the Stars! Republic forces are invading our base!") but we really don't see that too often as the Jedi classes. Weird, since one is specifically trained in stealth and espionage. It would have been nice to feel like a Shadow sometimes, especially since the first story arc is all about healing sick Jedi (obviously written with a Sage in mind.)

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