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There's some stupid **** written into canon sometimes. Like how a boy from Tatooine with a couple years of rushed and intermittent training in the Force could hope to compare for 5 seconds (nevermind multiple battles) with Darth Vader, when Anakin Skywalker was not even in his prime yet while being touted as one of the strongest Jedi ever, not to mention being stronger than any of Sidious's previous apprentices.

That's just stupid. Canon, but stupid.

The only way it makes sense is if Vader was a shell of his former self, stubbornly still trying to rely on brute force tactics when his body is no longer suited for brute force. His inability to accept some of the more subtle forms of his Master's teachings being his downfall (and it would have made sense, then, why Sidious wanted Luke as his new apprentice so badly. Vader was powerful, but ultimately a failed experiment due to the circumstances that robbed him of his body. Sidious would see Luke as a younger, healthier version of his father.) Instead of Vader being a big fish in a small pond after Order 66, they made him a great white shark in a small pond. No weakness, except for little boys.

Wait, that didn't come out right...

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