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I play a commando as do alot of other 50s on my server. We are some of the most wanted players. 1v1 I can almost kill anything that has the same or slightly better gear then me. You just need to learn how to play your class.
ROFL. Yah bro I guess all the thousands of threads on how the commando/merc AC is completely ****ed in PVP must be totally wrong right? No they arent. I play a merc myself valor rank 90 and I can tell you that pvping as Arsenal is a death sentence in any WZ. As soon as the other team sees me shooting tracers, I'm like a *********** magnet to marauders/juggs/assassin lol. Dont get me wrong I still do on average 300-350k damage in a WZ so our damage is there, we just have no utility and no survivability outside our crappy shield.

And before anyone says, you just have to pick your spots or you dont know how to position yourself in a WZ thats why you get targeted. Nope. Wen I run with my guild I make sure to stay behind the lines and make it as hard as possible for the opposite team to get me but I swear, Mercs just have a knack for attracting unwanted attention. I recall one match in a Void star where I had a Sentinel and a Shadow literally run past my healer and the rest of my guildies just to get to me.

The thing with Mercs is that when we are left alone we can absolutely shred the enemy but then again the same thing can be said about Gunslingers and Snipers, except they are uninteruptable and cant be charged, which gives them an edge over any arsenal merc.
Typical reaction to end game content from fresh level 50.
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