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10.07.2012 , 11:15 AM | #60
Ah, a light bulb came up in my head.

Love is a emotion. Emotion isn't part of the light side. So therefore, if you use love, then you're using a unorthodox force belief.

You say that Revan cannot use both sides of the force. Perhaps this statement isn't as contraversial as you think.

Take Luke for example. Did he not love Mara Jade? Is that right?

If this is so, they why do you refuse to believe that Revan can't weild the force as the novel says? Have you ever read the novel? Because if you think about it both Luke and Revan use love. If you can believe Revan using the force as stated, then why can't you believe Revan could do the same?

Listen, even if Revan didn't use both sides he is still a powerful being.