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Lets debate. What does Revan, canon and ability wise, have that can top Sidious?

Sidious beat Yoda, and Yoda is canonly the most powerful Jedi pre-Luke. And Revan in his prime is Jedi. This is stated by Leland Chee himself.

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And EU Sidious is just outright godly in terms of the Dark-Side. Creating Force Storms that consumed planets and New Republic Fleets.

And Luke is canonically 200% of Sidious.

And for those that are gonna bring up Sid's duel with Mace. Because someone will.

You can argue with anyone else about Revan being pinned against any Opponent EXCEPT for Sidious and Luke because its literally canon they would wipe the floor with anyone besides eachother or Abeloth...
What you say may be true, but like I've said before, this is waaaaaay off topic. All I'm saying is that Revan is in the same ball park as guys like Kun, Bane, and Malgus. This is a modest statement and I feel it is definately supported by canon.