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You have 4 unnecessary steps.

1) Remove gear-based PvP.

The end. This pretty much solves all of the other issues you listed. PvP doesn't need to be a completely separate gear grind. It's just another MMO time sink that forces players who want to enjoy both aspects of the game to grind out another set of gear.

Allow players to use whatever moddable shell they want, and have armorings/mods available for purchase so that players can customize stats to their liking with reasonable thresholds in mind. Tanks should be able to mod for higher HP, while DPS should be able to mod for higher damage. Put Alacrity stats on healer gear so that it actually means something.

Keep the token system for unique PvP moddable armor shells for aesthetics only! Level the playing field.
I like your idea bud, and I think it would be awesome to have a system like that in place.

However, I don't think they have the resources to do such a major overhaul, at least not in a time frame that changes have to be made in. When I was thinking of a fix, I was also thinking of a way that it could be implemented by a small focus team, in a short period of time.

Removing Recruit gear could be done in one fell swoop. Subbing BM gear as free gear at 50 probably wouldn't take much longer since the system is already in place -- no one will have to work over the weekend for that one. Then you assign one guy to re do all the prices in the database, and guessing that there are only two to three hundred PvP items total, across the eight classes (BM and WH), it would probably take one or two days of work on the database to update the pricing. Removing inventory caps should also be a breeze. Coding the reduction of stats inside ops and fps would probably take the most work, but overall I think 1-4 could all be achieved in one week, with a team of 2-3 people.

Thanks for all the comments guys, good info.
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