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Totally agree.

It's quite a frustrating issue. I'd like to make it clear that I'm not immediately jumping too extremes like "imma cancel my sub!!!!" or "well tiem to go play WoW". I really like SW:ToR, and intend to keep playing -- when I can. Getting on here and acting like a child doesn't help matters at all. At this point I'm sure BW knows there is an issue, and yelling how I'm running away and never coming back isn't really going to change anything. However, maybe knowing that I'm a loyal customer that is not planning on leaving the game, but still can't play it until the issue is resolved will help. At least this way they know I'll be back when it's fixed, as opposed to me saying I'm not coming back no matter what. What incentive does that give them to fix the issue if it won't bring me back?
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