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Yeah.... Not really seeing the issue here..
My guild had #9 world 8m HM clear, and #2 US 8m HM clear, and the 2nd week it was out has it on farm. The "difficulty" of raids in this game is certainly not so hard as to be restricting players from doing the content.

Regarding the 1st boss loot table, I am more than fine with it dropping a piece of Hazmat; as lets be honest. The very very first day in there, we 2 shot it. There is 2, maybe 3 very easy mechanics; no positioning needed.. Its a very easy boss; as someone said earlier "You have to be this tall to enter".
The 2nd boss has more mechanics, and is slightly harder, but once again nothing special. The 3rd boss starts to ramp up the ante with some tough DPS checks, heal checks, team coordination, and quite a few mechanics that have to be done perfectly. Over all, this is the true "People are going to wipe here for weeks" boss.
The 4th boss is relatively simple as he doesnt have many mechanics, but he turns out to be a boss that needs to have perfect mechanics and teamwork. The 5th one is repetitive in a way, but once you can see that last phase; you realize that your healers and DPS really do need to pay attention and punch that things face in ASAP. It really is a rewarding operation in my opinion, and to me; there is no problem with the loot table. That second of suspense to see if you got pants or an offhand on Kephess, or chest or mainhand on Terror is something that in my opinion was a great decision.

Your guild might do that and even more, again, EC HM is not even cleared for most of guilds and some not even started making EC HM, so i aint seeing really a point here from your side apart that there are guilds that clear stuff faster than others?
Yep u right there but that sill doesnt mean squat to what were talking about in here really, unless you just wanted to point out that ure the best, oops sry, 9th world best and US 2nd best, gz btw, sigh...
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