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10.07.2012 , 09:58 AM | #20
Same problem here - I have searched all over the forums and the web. Looks like this exact same problem happened when they patched the game in late January, early February 2011.

I've submitted tickets and send emails. Gotten 3 responses - two of them were identical. "It must be your firewall, allow SWTOR through it. Or it's your router." Of course, those were already allowed and through. The last response was "try running the game through compatibility mode, with Win XP SP3 (I have Win7). " Of course it didn't change anything.

I just wish they would say "Hey, it's out bad. We put out some bad code, give us a day or two and we'll fix it." Responsibility goes a long way, and I wouldn't quite feel like taking my $15 a month and spending it on xBox.