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This is my experiance with lvl 50 PVP PUG matches, Harbringer server. (NOT RANKED)
The 1.4 patch has greatly benefited Imps over Reps.
Before 1.4 you would have win streaks, losing streaks, and a mix. Now the Imps dominate 90% of the time. It does not seem balanced at all. The fun is being sucked out of it.

Part of the reason why:
Imps run a lot more healers then Reps on Harbringer server. Therefore, the 1.4 healer buffs snowball into a huge advantage to the Imps. They have always had a edge anyway and end up gearing faster. This causes new lvl 50 PVP players to get discouraged and givie up and so Imps end up with better geared, more experienced players.
Ofcourse things may be different depending on what server your on and what days and times you play.

P.S. new glitches and bugs too.
when one faction starts rolling the other after a patch, it's usually an indication that ppl who were on breaks came back.
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dealing over 50% of a target's health in a single GCD is just insipid in terms of quality of gaming experience.