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Aurbere: When it comes to Love, you and I just aren't talking about the same thing so I'll leave that alone.

But you cannot make a statement like saying all of the Jedi you named are better then Revan. You COULD say that the Jedi of Revan's era where generally not as good as the Jedi you named. But there's nothing that says 100% of the Jedi Masters of that time would be better then Revan. In my OPINION Revan is better then most of these guys. With the exception of Yoda, Mace Windu, Luke (and perhaps a few men from New Jedi Order),

But hey, this isn't about my opinion.
Yes that is your opinion, but you can't argue with facts. GL and Chee have stated multiple times that the PT Jedi and the subsequent New Jedi Order are the best. And canon proves it. I'm going to make a thread that talks about this so I wont spoil anything for you. Just know that it is G-canon that the PT kicks OR butt and I'll set out to prove that in my next thread.

I respect your opinion, but PT beating OR is fact. You can have your opinion and I will respect it. Just don't accuse me of posting my opinion when I have been posting facts. The only opinion I posted was Plo Koon having a good chance of beating Mace Windu in a duel. THAT is my opinion and the only opinion that I will put forth.

Anyway, we've argued for six pages so lets agree to disagree and be done with it.
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