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Oh come on. The LR-5 Sentinel was a big old middle finger from Bioware to all melee players. The melee hate emanating from it was overpowering. With two ranged DPS, it was very, very, very simple; with melee it was a huge challenge. The changes merely ensured that the droid no longer hates on melee with the same vehemence.

At the appropriate gear level, Lost Island is still a challenge, especially Lorrick. But it's less unfair to melee DPS and that's a good thing. All this "I'm full augmented Black Hole/Campaign/Dread Guard and it's a faceroll" crying is ridiculous. It's a fun FP with just the right amount of challenge.

I don't get it, why is it so hard with melee? The first time I beat the droid was with 2 melee dps. I'm not trying to be elitist, i'm honestly asking why melee think this is so hard? Just move out of the aoe.