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And there's no option to join him unfortunately, which SUCKS. I mean, the guy makes so much sense when he explains everything to you. It makes even MORE sense if you're an alien.

But no, we just HAD to go, "Sorry Malgus, I'ma keel you now. Derp."
I honestly like to think that BioWare ran out of money at the point where they were writing the False Emperor story and just decided to "erase" him from the picture until they get the funds to further expand on it.

Since i imagine joining him and being a part of this New Empire would need tons of more voice work from Jamie Glover (His voice actor) and other NPCs, as well.

If anything, Malgus should get his own game. There seems to be lots of events that we could participate in through his perspective.

Like his training, his first encounter with Eleena Daru, his military campaigns in the Outer Rim. I could literally go on for hours on why he needs to be greatly expanded upon.

It's just very rare that we get a new Sith character that's so interesting and likeable.

/fanboy mode off.
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