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My guess is that other players either scared or frustrated them out of tanking.

That dps that you get every couple flashpoints that thinks he's the tank, breaks every cc as soon as it's applied, or refuses to participate in mechanics that the dps need to handle like clicking buttons. That guy frustrates new tanks out of continuing with their chosen role. Some players get around this by grouping with guild members and queuing for their random HM with a fully premade group.

The other big frustration is PuG groups that insist that their tanks be overgeared for the content. EV doesn't require full rakata, but half or more of the PuG groups that I see LFM are requiring it. Same with EC and full campaign, you don't need it to successfully complete the operation. Prospective tanks that got past the bad players in group finder get frustrated because they aren't allowed to tank for content that they're at the appropriate gear level for. Healers and dps that aren't fully geared or haven't done the fights before people are willing to work with, but tanks they almost always seem to want overgeared for the content.

There are also tanks that got tired of PuGging because the guild that's making up most of the operation insists on drops going to guild members first, and the PuG tank can have the scraps. It doesn't seem to matter that nobody would get any loot if the PuG tank wasn't there.

Then there are the tanks that made it past all of these obstacles. They're in guilds that run operations, and are either saved to the content you're trying to run or are overgeared and don't want to go back to progressing through content that they've had on farm for months.

That pretty much covers most of the tanks in the game. Personally I'm in the fourth group. I've been in fully optimized Campaign gear for months now, and stopped PuGging operations that I'm overgeared for because I can't use anything for my main set and groups have an aversion to giving tanks or healers gear for a dps set, but never seem to have a problem with the other way around. I run my daily HM with guild members to speed up their queue times and to avoid the players that make the game not fun for me.