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I generally use to immobilize them and then los behind a pillar and heal, it works wonders on any melee class and sometimes even ranged. I sometimes miss the knock back but I found this is be an overall positive change for myself.
Well that is good, it has some uses after all. I still dont think it makes the class even slightly wanted in ranked games though.
I know there are some exceptionally good players around that can make merc/commando work, Kript for instance has shown some nice screenshots of dmg done etc.

But is thats whats needed? To be exceptional at this class just in order to stay somewhat in reach of what other classes can do?

My simple answer, and from what i have seen from these forums for months now is that THAT is not good enough.
You dont bring a wheelchair to a dragrace and hence, you wont get picked as a dps merc/commando for any ranked team that takes itself seriously.

This is the sad truth about this class in its current form, so even if you do good overall in 4 man premades or even solo pugging that still isnt enough to make up for the poorly thought out game mechanic that we have to deal with.

Atleast that is my oppinion and its NOT in any form meant to insult you.