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10.07.2012 , 07:22 AM | #60
I can't agree more. BW seems trying to loose people, it is difficult to find a design between too easy and frustrating. Before (BH/Campaign) it was too easy: you could take the mods from BH gear and put them on tionese gear and you had high-end stats and gear set bonus.
Now it is simply frustrating, doing some maths and considering the (rare) possibility that a 10 ppl guild can clear the content each run (every week because of the lockout) it would take 2 months and half just to gain 4 pieces of gear each one.... consider also that the pieces of gear give around 0.5% improvements over campaign and you can complete my reasoning.

looking it from a mercenary dps perspective it is something like: clear the operation 10 times (probably it will take 3-4 months because we are still at second boss) to gain 1% dps?!? It is simply frustrating.
I could do it for the appearence but, wait a minute, it is exactly the same as the blackhole/campaign i already have, only the color changes......................
It is better if i stop talking....