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LOL, I always try to convince my wife that it is not an obsession, it is a lifestyle, not sure she buys it though.

I have been rebuilding my collection slowly, as a lot of it was thrown out by my mother when I was younger. Even picked up an original R2-D2/C-3PO belt buckle.

Also currently working on my Ep. IV Stormtrooper build, can't wait to wear it.
I've tried to convince my girlfriend the same thing, but whit no succes, but i got her to watch the OT whit me
I am a huge star wars fan i've been one as long as i can remember and iam 24.
I got the Galatic Empire symbol tattooed on the left side of my chest,
"And now you run in search of the Jedi. They are all dead, save one—and one broken Jedi cannot stop the darkness that is to come."-Darth Sion