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That all sound perfectly reasonable IF you assume the Sith are either extremely stupid or have the naivety of a 6 years old child.

The information has a weight and reliability attached to it. To every intelligence there is an enemy counter-intelligence which is trying to confuse with false information and is constantly manipulating the information flow anyway (you don't need Star Cabal for that). If you get a spam email from John Doe telling you that your bank account was hacked and that you need to provide him with your account password you probably won't do it...

Information reliability aside, the Imperial Intelligence is a complex organisation. Its role isn't merely supporting war effort with information. The equally important task is to keep the Empire together (like NKVD, Stasi or Gestapo in the corresponding police states). So disbanding it because it didn't provide the expected results to war effort because it put effort in eliminating the internal enemies is ludicrous...
After my last post, it occured to me how ridiculously easy getting the Dark Council to disband the Star Cabal. The Black Codex has the security files to access every single aspect of Imperial Intellegence's files. So if the Star Cabal wanted to get Imperial Intellegence disbanded, they just need to alter the reports sent from Imperial Intellegence to the Dark Council. Make it appear they have been dedicating twice as much time on hunting down the Star Cabal and remove references to most of the evidence found in support of the existence of the Star Cabal. So it appears that Imperial Intellegence is spending all of their resources hunting something which doesn't exist. The reliability isn't an issue because it is coming directly from Intellegence. When the Minister of Intellegence tries to explain that the "Star Cabal" hacked the reports he would either look like he is lying to save his own skin or that Intellegence is incompetent. For good measure the Star Cabal could further alter the reports to make it seem like the amount of resources dedicated to hunting the Star Cabal increased when Keeper and the Watchers went into a coma.

And while Intellegence might be a complex organization, if the Star Cabal can alter the records to make it seem that it is ignoring its other tasks for its ghost hunt then that just gives the Dark Council more reason to disband them in order to put those duties under their control so that they are sure that the task gets accomplished.
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