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Hey OP. How about you go some stasis for three hundred years, meanwhile you'll have a sadistic overlord conducting God-knows-what experiments on you, torturing you and destroying you mentally. We'll get some party to release you but then we're gonna left you alone to fight a team of four veteran special forces commandos. You think Revan would not be weakend and depraved of his powers over the 300 years? Bad end for a character, sure.There were so many potential mysteries, secrets and stories to uncover with Revan around but they took a really easy way. Get over it - he is dead. It wasn't teleportation, it was Force explosion. He is dead :/

Still... Nothing happenning in The Old Republic have been confirmed as canon, was it?!
It doesn't matter what happened to Revan at this time 'cause this wouldn't have been his prime.