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So people capable of clearing HM EC can gear up faster that way than by grinding BH comms. Well....yeah?

I am not talking about them, I am talking about the vast majority of players, who are NOT capable of clearing EC HM.

They would be absolutely correct in taking a long hard look at gear and saying: Why should I invest countless hours in rading and wiping, especially in a bad group that might never clear the place, when I can get pretty much the same gear relatively quickly by doing dailies?

Last tier, BH comms and BH gear was just too damn accessible to my mind, hence I don't mind this tier of gear being more restricted.
Well BH and Hazmat having the same item rating than Campaign and Dread guard is just lame and it only adds up to my complain of the loot tables being completelly screwed up, loot tables or itemization, whatever you want to call it.
Put hazmat more restrictive but come on 10x times more the grinding and only 1 single drop of DG piece on 2nd and 3rd boss and only 1 single item piece of hazmant on 1st one is just... tbh im speechless with these changes and my guild as i allready warned is lacking motivation, 2 days in a row without having 8 peeps, hack even me am lacking motivation to log in to this game now, just for seeing the grinding pain it just transformed into.
Not to mention other annoying bugs, GTN search function still not working properlly, General chat is now instance restrictive (O.o), i wonder how guilds looking for players will cope now since we have NO guild recruitment tools, Kephess HM still have droids bugged, allmost 2 weeks have passed now since patch release and still no fixes in sights and what we hear from them is "Its a know bug, fixes are in order", honestly im loosing my patience on each patch that comes out screwing up something that did not even got touched in the patch.
Im loosing patience with them for not listening to their community properlly for example reguarding resolve bar changes in PvP, they did exactly the opposite of what we asked them too and quite frankly i just stopped PvPing in this game alltogether.
Im loosing my patience of getting bugs all over the board on each patch and taking 1-3 weeks to get them fixed.
Im sorelly disappointed on the grinding fest this game just turned to be on patch 1.4 with the new loot and commendation numbers.
Im tired of seeing the same lame itemization on items.
And im utterly bored of keep switching my toons in and out the entire day to keep making Crew skills each 30m-1hr since we dnt even have a queue system for crafting or some way of controling all of your chars in a crafting panel or something, so for now i just also stopped making crafting.
So pretty much im growing tired and im only logging for ops, well in the hope i have the numbers for ops that is and the only reason im still playing this game is because GW2 doesnt attract me and WoW, i played it for 7 years hardcore and im totally fed up with it not to mention that asiatic lore content is totally not for me nor is kung fu panda movies.
For 10 months i have been defending this game and BW, now... or they get their heads on the right path as they seemed to have done in 1.3 or when elder scrolls online, wildstar or WoD pops up im out of this boat.
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