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Basically PVP gear is the PvP content in this game....the very few WZ's are a way to get said gear, which in turn is a big part of the imbalances in PvP Gear gap!

Now I wont even start on the whole "Get rid of Expertise" comment because a large portion of the MMO community either refuse to understand the benefit...or are super stuck on getting steamrolled by a PvE raider. So forget that. However I would like to see them Keep the PvP teir system down to 2 sets...Recruit for begginers and then a second set that is moddable with say a 5% across the board bonus over recruit. From then on only release new teir mods,armorings, enhancements etc as upgrades so that the power increase is more gradual and purchases are more frequent.
I like the idea of keeping it to two sets. I can tell you the difference between my usefulness in recruit vs. 1/2 WH is insane. I can finally guard a node and even defend it vs. a single attacker (I'm calling for back up any way.) My off-heals buy people several GCD's rather then just adding DMG to the enemies score (Ally at 2k, I heal 2k, enemy hits 5k! ... Sad Panda.)

I will start with the get rid of Expertise comment though! Get rid of Expertise, and create PvP Stats. PvP armor will have things like "PvP Willpower" "PvP Aim" and "PvP Shield Absorb" and be only effective in PvP. No need for the lame *** god stat, and raiders won't stomp people. Like wise, pvp'ers won't get the added benefit of BM gear being good enough for HM content (including HM EV...)