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I agree here....In games of the past that had no PvP specific stat and a couple decent outlets for World PvP the zones/Planets were alive with PvP and usually specific areas were HOT zones.... Centering around lowbie areas where ganking occured, or some type of capture point AKA Factional base or area that rewards capture/Holding of the area etc....

Basically the treadmill of 4 WZ's for gear is really playing addiction againsts the community through repetitous tedium in place of an actual PvP system.

I would like to see them enhance Ilum and outlaws Den etc...Place PVP vendors and Terminals there to give people an area to control and fight over for real fun in between WZ Queues... at the very least get everyone off Fleet and into the actual game....

Basically PVP gear is the PvP content in this game....the very few WZ's are a way to get said gear, which in turn is a big part of the imbalances in PvP Gear gap!

Now I wont even start on the whole "Get rid of Expertise" comment because a large portion of the MMO community either refuse to understand the benefit...or are super stuck on getting steamrolled by a PvE raider. So forget that. However I would like to see them Keep the PvP teir system down to 2 sets...Recruit for begginers and then a second set that is moddable with say a 5% across the board bonus over recruit. From then on only release new teir mods,armorings, enhancements etc as upgrades so that the power increase is more gradual and purchases are more frequent.

Now Reward New skins for Valor ranks Say a set availible starting at rank 60 acquiring the full st by rank 70 and so on...but skins only. Everyone has access to the newest availible sets of Mods etc..the day they hit 50...Once they trade in their recruit chest for the moddable version they should have more then enough Comms to fill it with their choice of Armoring, Mod, and Enhancement...AKA no overgrinding for Optomized modding.

So at this point a fully modded WH will have a small gear advantage but a superior Knowledge and Set or two of skins that lower ranked players cant get.

Gear grind has been lessend and we have actual PvP zones to hang out in instead of Fleet. Not the total answer but a start.
Amen, finally someone who has looked at it and come up with something workable. I wanted to get there through code, his way is better because from what I have seen Bioware and code are not speaking the same language with most of the patches. This would basically put it to a skill point and then we can work on trying to get some of the OP spec changes to make it more skill based rather than gear or spec based.

Once again it isnt going to address the problem of healers on one side of a pug and no healers on the other. But the game is already addressing that in some ways, look at who gets all of the medals votes, I guarantee I look for heals totals to see if a healer did their job well then who was out there doing other stuff. So as healers are rewarded it will address that. Wonder what a healer versus healer with no dps match would look like (scary, high kills 1). The other point is that a group in a pug WZ owns the place for the most part, that can be addressed by making ranked really ranked. You get your ranking and you for the most part play against teams that are ranked the same. Which means that new teams who formed from great PvP player groups will grind through fast and push into where they have ocmpetition. Again though that depends on Bioware doing some decent coding to keep the interest up.
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