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Should they also hand out a free set of columni? Because if I don't have to progress in pvp I shouldn't be forced to progress to enjoy pve either, right? There's a game where time commitments are irrelevant to your performance, it's called guild wars 2. Have a blast, I sure didn't.

I do agree with having the comm cap be much higher though.
That's nonsense. In GW2 only the warzones provide you with a free gear set that has the same stat allocation for everyone, and you can only use that armour in warzones. This provides for the fun and fair pvp matches where skill and spec determines who wins that PVP'ers have been asking for since the early days of WOW. For PvE & Realm vs Realm vs Realm PvP you do need to earn your armour and I dare say it's much harder than in SWTOR where you can get a full set of columni in a day.
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