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Merc was fine before people learned how to pvp in this game, we all remember the guy who topped dmg done and had nothing but tracer missile bound to all hotkeys. That would never happen today, not even with the damage the way it was before, he would simply get demolished and end up last on all the scoreboards.

When i first started playing swtor i wanted to be what everyone would NOT be, a guy who couldnt use the force but managed to kill stuff anyway due to superiour tactical and technical solutions. That didnt pan out the way i had hoped.

I was considered to be one of the top mercs on my server but in the end, the top merc just isnt worth a spot in a ranked team since even a ábove average guy on another class simply outshines the merc on pretty much everything.

Mercs as they are work great for PvE but they are a hopeless deadweight in pvp. Great skill isnt even enough to make the merc ok. It simply lacks the skills necessary to complete the job.

I wont start suggesting what the class needs since there are countless threads with very good ideas.
The class feedback thread that we spent so much time on got hopelessly shat on, pardon my french.

I have since leveled assassin/sage/PT/jug to rank 50 and they all outshine the merc so very much that ive given up hope for my mandalorian. WIch is a damn shame since i utterly love the commando and mercs lore/storyline and looks. Shame im not into PvE or i might have stayed with my favourite character.

TL;DR version
: You are correct, mercs are poorly developed and i see no future for the class in pvp, at all.

Well said. I have done the same but am not happy nor satisfied with this "solution" to the problem. I liked my Commando and enjoyed the class thoroughly but simply put it is nothing short of dysfunctional and not viable for PvP as DPS. If this trend continues and proper balance, or at the very least some semblance of it is not produced, I will quit entirely instead. Re-rolling IS NOT an acceptable solution for a class problem.