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10.07.2012 , 03:59 AM | #11
They do some big damage, especially AoE, and alot of is tech (especially gunnery/arsenal) rather than ranged so they can bypass high dodge/avoidance builds & cooldowns. But only if someone's not attacking them. They're very easy to shut down in melee range and have a poor variety of survival tools.

As for gunnery vs. assault specialist, they're not that different in overall effectiveness imo. Gunnery's damage requires a build-up period of 2-3 grav rounds for maximum effect, Assault Specialist has to be front-loaded to avoid an early (ie. wasted) HiB proc. Gunnery gets more useful survival tools imo.

Commano's poor PvP performance was one of the main reasons I unsubbed a while back. I recent;y re-subbed to give sniper a try. What a difference. The two classes are actually quite similar. The defensive & CC cooldowns that sniper gets round it out really well, but cover is the real game-changer. New main for sure, which is too bad because I love the "flavour" of the commando class.