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Sabrina who know dyed her hair blond, so not to be recognised. Took her fury to narshda, here she had to meet a local hutt crime lord. Da tella de hutt, he ran pirating ships and smuggling jobs in the sector. Though he lacked, his own manufacturing base. He had plenty of money, to buy ships. Sabrina job was to persuade him, to come on board with our secret alliance. To raid and pillage, the republic. The ground has become very fluid since the mandalorians, battles for succession. Both the republic and the empire where worse of by it.
It would not be long before, she arrived at the space port. Then she would have to make her move, and find out what this hutt like`s. So she could find out how, to use him. Then get him to give us, secret information on the Revivers. This way they would not know, what happening until it was too late. The imperial fleet was not far away, just inside their space.