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10.07.2012 , 01:44 AM | #4
I have all 8 classes and will tell you that same gear/skill any class should kill a merc without taking much dmg. However pvp isn't this way. In most matches it is possible (even when pugging) to make sure you aren't targeted. If you accomplish this you will rock ppl. Just try it out. It is how even as recruit I topped many charts.

Now having said this, you are right that in 1v1 if someone really hates you and goes after you then you should get *****. On all 7 of my other classes I will kill a "good" arsenal merc without taking more than 20% of my hp if I really want them dead. Merc needs a buff here as many horrible players "aragorn hehe" think they are good when they kill a merc one time (even though I rock him so hard most matches in bm only while he his fully optimized aug wh and he only wins in 1v1 and then brags). There are many baddies out there like aragorn and this is sad. btw I kill him 1v1 with even a full recruit sent (he is fully optimized aug wh jug lol).