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Well I am hardly a pro on end game raids, but I am inclined to agree with warultima. It's ok to use an operative on a story mode operation if you know the team well, and know they can handle it in hardmode. But when it gets to content that's really pushing your team to the limit you gotta use a character that fits perfectly into one of the triad roles. It's not bad per se to use a operative damage dealer, but you must know the limits. If the team doesn't get in the damage in time it's a team wipe. Of course there are exceptions - if you push the buttons for the Heavy Manufacturer (I never pushed the buttons myself so correct me if I am wrong) in Karraga's Palace it doesn't matter that much. At the Pylons in the Eternity Vault you should be fine... but there are instances where for a damage dealer only pure, raw dps counts. And a sniper with the equal skill and equipment does more dps.

I was planning on creating a damage Jedi Guardian soon myself, though I never had any intentions to do operations with her. From a look at the skill tree that's a rather extreme case, since the only damage tree in Guardian is the one shared with the Sentinel, just with a single one lightsaber. It may mean that even on Flashpoints the primary tank has to leave some of the tanking to me and that we're in trouble if the boss is on a timer...
Ah, yes. "Reapers."