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How is Pot5 going? I really don't want to re-roll (or ask my guild to do it). I've made too much overall progress in the various aspects of this game to start over.
It's really rough. There has already been talks about coming back, and some very demoralizing matches lol. It's hard, starting from scratch against made teams with geared out players.

But when we think about coming back, it would be coming back to a dying server.

The most frustrating thing is, Bioware has already moved players/guilds to other servers. So they have the technology in their infastructure set up already.. they just won't accommodate the players still playing. Which is really sad, because the people still playing this game now, are the players who "could" be playing the game for many years to come, and play the game because they enjoy it. But instead of moving us to a populated server, we have only one option atm, and thats completely rerolling. Which sucks!! lol

I'm just glad our guild has some solid people aboard for this move. Props to them. On Pot5, there is life. Rated Q's pop, WZ's are nearly instant.. the game is very enjoyable over there... besides the lack of gear/legacy/status and all those other perks we took for granted on Jung Ma.

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