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10.07.2012 , 12:07 AM | #1
Merc is TERRIBLE in PvP... In any 1v1 fight with anything other than a merc you will lose. Every single decent skill the merc uses has a cast time, and can also be interupted. On top of that, they decreased the range of our stun by 2/3rds? Now the Merc class is even more horrible. You give us an interupt but but nerf our stun? Ridiculous. IT'S A RANGED CLASS! Give us our stun back... If you guys don't find a way to make the merc more competitive in PvP I am going to uninstall because merc is my main. So lets recap. Stun is worthless now, the interupt has a low range and can only be used to interupt certain things, but everything on merc can be interupted... Without a heat signature damage is crap and in PvP there isn't enough time to always get a heat signature on people. I could go on and on, please fix this class....