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Valkor shook his head. It won't matter. War is coming, and we have more pressing matters to attend to. Plus the Sith are betrayed every day, what is so big that one killed Jadus? We have a very capable leader in Darth Marr the Kaleesh said, catching Ravage giving him a dirty look
Marr sat silently in contplation. eventluy, he spoke "We must act quickly. it is already well known that Ravvok has killed two dark council members. if we icnore this threat, people will begin seeing us as weak. they will think they can defy us and get away with it. Ravvok will be spending time expanding, gathering allys and resorses. But rest assured, he will be back, and when he does, it may well be with an army at his back. You said sith are betrayed every day, an all too true fact. If sith see ravvok as the more powerfull, they will defect and join him. it is the way of it. What I recomend is this. Right now, Ravvok is a trator to us, and a wanted man in the republic. We can take advantage of that. propose a tempary alliance with the republic to elimnate a threat to us both. after all, when he is done with us, he will turn to the republic. thoughts?"