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The Story Thus Far

Our story begins on the Imperial capital planet of Dromund Kaas. Here a young Sith lord, sent on a mission to destroy a Revanite cult from within, has forsaken the ancient order. “Reborn”, this young man becomes Enalis Nailo. He joins with the Revanites he was once tasked with destroying; however, in the brief tenure in the Revanite camp he finds ideological differences and realizes that so long as he and fellow Revanites remain on the capital world, they are in danger. It was time to leave the Imperial home-world. Not before a trip into the bowels of the Dark Temple, legend has it that an ancient Sith lord, like Revan, had found clarity in the force, and such knowledge may even still exist in a written form even on the Sith dominated planet.

Call it coincidence or fate, Enalis was confronted within the Dark Temple by a former rival and his two apprentices. They fought. In his new found clarity Enalis easily vanquished his foes, but he no longer held anonymity, he was a wanted man and would not survive long if he remained. His flight from Dromund Kaas was explosive and violent. In the ensuing carnage Enalis fought and slew a dark lord of the Sith. Thus the young lord took upon himself the honorific title of Darth. Commandeering the late lord’s ship, he fled Imperial space.

The self proclaimed Darth sought refuge within Hutt space. After a brief stint on Hutta, Enalis and a few newly acquired companions make their way to the city planet of Nar Shaddaa. After all, when the need to disappear arises, anyone can become lost within the vast cityscape that is Nar Shaddaa. Rumor also has it that a long lost piece of Revan’s legacy lay buried deep within the wretched crime hive.
As time went on more and more individuals would rally to Enalis’ cause, leading the young Darth to wonder if it was indeed his destiny to lead the Revanites to a bright and shinning new age. Beings of every make and sort seemed to flock to him; Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunters, Agents, Assassins, and more, human and alien alike. Then, by sheer happenstance and luck, the discovery of a planned archeological venture to delve deep into Nar Shaddaa to locate and recover the relics within the Armory lead by a Republic-Jedi expeditionary team. The time to strike had come.

The call to arms had been sounded, the unlikeliest of allies brought together by common belief. They would intercept this Expedition, learn the location of the Armory and claim it as their own. Battle was inevitable; they had clashed with the Republic before and deep down, many considered themselves Imperials. The fighting was fierce, but in the end Enalis and his comrades proved the victors.

With the Armory in hand, the path for the young Darth seemed all the more clearer, and thus the Dark Templar where born. The Revanite cult would operate out of their new found base of operations, turning the Armory from lost archeological find into their strong hold.

The Dark Templar had their work cut out for them, they knew if they were going to get anywhere in the galaxy they needed power. They wasted no time in establishing relationships with the Hutts, setting up smuggling lanes, protection rackets, and even opening up several legitimate companies used as fronts as well as production of weapons, ships and anything the cult could use. They have quickly established themselves as a powerful organization. It was time to expand. The Dark Templar issued a brazen call to arms, offering sanctuary, riches, and adventure to all who were brave enough to throw their lot in with the Revanites. From spice-heads to force-sensitives, all manner of beings were attracted by the promises of a brighter future.

Now with the manpower they needed, the Dark Templar forged ever deeper into the Armory, the construct proving to be far larger and far greater than any of them could have imagined. The process was long and arduous as they fought the ancient defenses of their stronghold. Now, they have come to the deepest chambers of the once lost armory, the greatest of secrets within their grasp. All that stands between them and their goal is a massive gateway, to which the key has gone missing. With no alternative ways to unlock the massive structure, the Dark Templar turn their efforts to tracking down the location of this key, and the person who stole it.
Dark Templar
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