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10.06.2012 , 08:20 PM | #105
- Hey look that sniper with half health surrounded by 2 vanguards and 1 sentinel is from that pvp guild he must be good I'm going to pass him the huttball so he can go score....hey he died ***!!

- That sniper with 1/5 health getting bashed is closer to the fire pits I'll pass the huttball to him and ignore the full health tank team mate that's heading towards me.

- I might have green gear not recruit but hey I look cool!!

- (Novare Coast)
*Random dude* Hey lvl 47 gunslinger I need help at west
Gunslinger runs to aid west
*Random dude* I'm going to help south
Leaves gunslinger alone at west to kill the single enemy
*Random dude* Hey we're loosing south *** dude you're our strongest player FFS come and help instead of farming medals
*Gunslinger* I'm alone at west I can't leave it unguarded, switch places?
*FFS west is safe leave it*

- (Voidstar)
This game is so bugged we're not doing any damage!!!!
....Have you tried killing the healer?
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