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10.06.2012 , 08:00 PM | #4
Kloma- As I indicated, I have a lot of characters, so saying a name to find me on is kind of useless without first arranging a meeting. Its probably best to contact me here, either openly or privately, and then the in-game details can be worked out...

Nexx- I have been in guilds of all sizes, but what I really want this time is one that is STABLE (i.e has been around awhile, and remains very active). I'd like one that has guilds on both factions, where there are at least some members who play both factions. Size has to be large enough to support group content just with the regular active crowd. I am not fussy if this means a small guild where near everyone is active, or a larger guild that has decent activity.

I play EST, many evenings (anywhere from 6pm till midnight, it all depends) and weekends in between RL.
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