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Listen to what she says at the end. She clearly predicted the fall of the Republic at the hands of the Sith. She had no reason to lie anymore. Her plans had come crumbling down and she was about to die. Plus she said she even owed Meetra the truth, as her master. That is of course paraphrased.
It's been a while since I've listened to that dialouge but I'll track it down on the tubes. Now I don't really think she lied, it's a possibility (considering the whole "Kreia is a known liar" thing people always say, especially when it comes to the "Revan was like looking into the heart of the force" comment she made), is all I was trying to say. I do think she believes that but that doesn't make it truth, she hadn't seen Revan in a while.

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You have argued facts, but only facts about Revan. And some of what was posted was only your opinion. What I am trying to tell you is that canonically, Revan can not hold his own against Jedi and Sith of the future. I've stated it numerous times.

I wasn't trying to come off as attacking your opinion, but when it comes to educating people you must use facts and not opinion.
Said it before, I'll say it again. It isn't fair to put Revan up against anyone from the PT/NJO era, no one from Revan's era but Kun hold's a candle and thats because he's just as OP, unless maybe it's a war and not a battle. I do however think Revan has a chance against a lot of people of the Old Republic era (Including Malgus and Bane) and that's just an opinion.
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