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10.06.2012 , 07:40 PM | #103
What, the enemy just scored/captured an objective/planted a bomb on the first door? You guys suck! /leave

What, we just lost a node/had a bomb planted behind us on the other side of the map? Let me stand here and berate you in chat, because obviously I know exactly what happened and clearly nobody else has even the faintest idea. What, you expect me to actually play instead?

I'm not going to bother capping or planting, even though the enemy is nearly dead. Someone else is bound to do it, and I want that killing blow!

I complain loudly about how my team never has any healers, while the two healers that we actually do have keep getting nuked by the enemy and receive no assistance.

I'm not going to use Guard, why would I want to take more damage?!
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